• Isidore Teddy Bear - Charity Sale
  • Isidore Teddy Bear - Charity Sale

Isidore Teddy Bear - Charity Sale

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Cyrillus is committed to children

A teddy bear with a big heart because Christmas is also a time for thinking about others.

For many years now, during the holiday season we have been selling a plush toy�for our partner association "Les Enfants du Soleil".

We donate all proceeds to the association which allows us to work with this�extraordinary association to establish educational programs in Madagascar.

We need you! Thank you in advance for your participation and support.

Plush, 100% polyester. Fabric scarf.

For more information on the association:

"Les Enfants du Soleil" - Children of the Sun - is a public-interest association that brings aid and assistance to street children in Madagascar who live in dire conditions. The association puts a roof over their heads�and also creates programs for schooling.

Les Enfants du Soleil