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The tone is set from the moment you enter our home: Aunt Simone’s ancient lowboy graces the entrance, the wooden floor creaks, and the youngest one runs at a measured pace. Muted walls explode with beauty, the aroma of simmering food wafts in from the kitchen, the living room overflows with colorful cushions, and here and there, you’ll find several works of art and decorative objects picked up in second-hand shops. In part a return to our roots and in part a sense of fulfillment, we want our interior, our home to be harmonious, filled with joy, emotions and memories, a balanced blend of past beauty and modern creations: elegant, unique, rich with personality and imperfect. This house is alive and glowing, so much like us.

Whether it's a calm, renovated oasis in the Normandy countryside or an inspiring apartment in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, each object in a home - furniture, bed linens, boutis, dish or light - tells the story of a moment, evoking passing years and their memories.

Our Home collection embodies this ambition for the art of living and our creations are designed for the fast-paced and happy lives of today’s families. Push open the door and come in. We have many beautiful things to share...