A world with soft and poetic charms

Baby's little universe

The first memories, the first laughs, the first hugs... A cocoon of love where everything is only refinement and tenderness.

A MOTHER’S LOVE in mommy-and-me fashion!

Matched like never before in our prints, Liberty, timeless garments, dresses and blouses. Stylish looks that say I love you!

Partywear and Bridal Collection


A Woman imagined and created Cyrillus.

Cyrillus is the charming story of a woman entrepreneur who decided to create a line of classic clothing for her children. The idea grew and the first couture-inspired collection emerged. Upscale fabrics, structured styles and emblematic tropes layed the foundation for the first designs. Chic and beautiful elegance became accessible.

Today, we are still passionate about the family, giving future generations a taste for beautiful objects and skillful know-how. It drives us daily and for the future.

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