• Warm baby puffer with hood
  • Warm baby puffer with hood
  • Warm baby puffer with hood

Warm baby puffer with hood

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A water-repellent and technical fabric outer with a soft, warm lining and thick padding in recycled polyester. This quality puffer is designed to provide baby with efficient protection.

This coat has a WARMTH index of 5.4 = ??.�Made for temperatures between 0� and 10�C for superior warmth especially at the height of winter.

o 70% polyester, 30% polyamide with water-repellent treatment to prevent water from penetrating - it simply glides off. Warm faux-fur lining, 100% polyester.�Padding, 100% recycled polyester.

o�Zip fastening
o�With mittens

Cyrillus�is committed to the planet

Why recycled polyester? To prevent plastic from ending up in oceans or landfills. Polyester is not�biodegradable so we offer the material a second chance. Recycled polyester has the same qualities as new polyester and its production requires less energy.

- Our WARMTH indicator (also referred to as TOG) makes it possible to determine thermal degrees for our coats. The higher the index, the warmer the coat. We established this WARMTH index with the expertise of a certified laboratory specialized in textile quality and safety testing -