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  • Baby's linen jumpsuit
  • Baby's linen jumpsuit
  • Baby's linen jumpsuit
  • Baby's linen jumpsuit

Baby's linen jumpsuit

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Excellence is part of our heritage and this jumpsuit is part of our story. A timeless little piece that cuts through the seasons and is a central piece in our collections. Made in a natural and ecologically-responsible pure linen with bloomer style and handmade embroidery. A jumpsuit to gift or hand down.

o Back button fastening and press-buttons between the legs
o Lace finish on the bib and legs
o Hand embroidered by our partners in Madagascar

Cyrillus is committed to the environment

This product is made with pure linen. Linen is a natural fibre that's hypoallergenic, insulating, and mindful of nature. In addition to being grown locally, linen requires no irrigation, it captures its water needs directly from the ground and rainfall. Linen's fibre is also biodegradable, hard-wearing, and waterproof, and it has thermal-regulating characteristics.

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